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Cosuper: Offgrid Power Supply Systems

CoSuper is an expert energy storage system manufacturer specializing in solar inverters/chargers and power inverters for RVs and off-grid power systems. Our Products help you to meet your electrical needs once you go off-grid or when the grid fails. Our products are already present in many of the off-road vehicles around you and in many of the energy-critical places you visit. We have the knowledge and experience to solve your off-grid energy needs and deliver the solution to you ANYWHERE in the world.


Cosuper produces LiFePO4 and gel batteries to be used in many power supply systems perfectly.

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Battery Accessories

Cosuper's battery accessory product family includes waterproof battery chargers, dual battery isolators, and portable solar generators.

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Inverter Charger

The CoSuper Inverter Charger converts DC power to AC power, which can then be connected to devices—running as electricity to support lighting,...

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Power Inverter

Cosuper pure sine wave power inverters allow you to convert currents in a mobile setting.

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Solar Charge Controllers

Cosuper solar charge controller uses MPPT technology to ensure optimal charge control. It also can work as an output regulator.

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Helping Industries to go Off-Grid

Cosuper Energy products are used in many different industries where energy independence is critical. We have extensive experience in all these sectors, and we can advise you on your installation if needed. We are also accustomed to meeting the energy and the security requirements of many industry regulators so if in doubt please consult us. Here is a selection of the industries in which our products are used extensively.

Recreational Vehicles

Powering outdoor lives was always the primary aim of CoSuper's mobile power products. In the RV...

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Off-Grid Solar

The off-grid solar system is designed for the power needs of mid-to-large homes or regions. Unlike a...

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The 12V power inverter from CoSuper is designed for on-board use. It can be used anywhere you take...

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Medical Vehicles

Unlike regular vehicle power inverters, medical devices cannot connect to a modified sine wave AC...

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Speciality Vehicles

Speciality vehicles require various power supplies according to different situations. Mobile...

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Truck & Coach

24VDC to 120VAC (or 230VAC) power inverters are an ideal option for heavy-duty trucks, vans and...

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About Cosuper

Cool Life, Super Power

Cool Life, Super Power

CoSuper has focussed on renewable energy and off-grid systems for more than ten years to provide reliable power products worldwide. All of CoSuper’s products are designed for integrated electrical systems. CoSuper also has extensive experience as a bespoke energy solution provider.

With the full range of CoSuper power products, customers get a variety of system suggestions and correct configuration to meet their needs. Products include intelligent inverters with chargers, solar inverters, hybrid controller inverters, smart MPPT hybrid inverters, three-phase inverters, rack mount inverters, industrial switch power suppliers, military power suppliers, solar controllers, medical power suppliers, power UPS / EPS, and much more.

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In this section, you will see a selection of news and events which we think are relevant to the off-grid energy sector. Things such as new products, upcoming events, exhibitions, and customer stories and experiences are all bundled here into our off-grid new center. You can see all the new items by clicking here. Please let us know if you would like us to write an article on any specific topic regarding the off-grid sector.

Tips for Choosing the Right Inverter


A power inverter is a must-have accessory when you are thinking about owning an RV. If you want the equipment in your RV, such as the...

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What Is an Off-grid Inverter?


Are you thinking about installing solar power for your home? If you are, then you need to buy a power inverter for your solar system.

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Cambodia Medical Car Power Supply Project


In 2018, on May 10, in Cambodia's Phnom Penh, Cambodian Health Minister Manbenheng "received the keys" to 20 medical cars from the Chinese...

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